Written by Christof Zahneissen, VP of Product Management

…and with eZ Publish 4.7 you have the platform to implement it

For organizations of all kind, the development and maintenance of digital communication channels are increasingly a vital and business critical issue. Their customers not only expect the option to interact 24x7, they also expect that core services are digitally available as a standard.

Companies that manage to provide a distinctive brand experience over all customer touchpoints have a clear competitive edge.  The majority of customers are even willing to pay up to 25% more for a superior customer experience and will purchase up to 40% more compared to competitors, because of a reputation for better customer service.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) flow chart

Worse news for those who struggle in providing well orchestrated digital channel communications:  customers stop doing business with a company due to negative customer experience and usually tell others about bad experiences. Often they will even warn others against doing business with this company.

Successfully established digital channels have a huge potential to create customer satisfaction and to let customer loyalty thrive. It shows that changing the experience patterns of the channels with a re-launch of the web and mobile site carries the risk of disturbing customer habits and orientation. A re-launch strategy is a web dinosaur having its origins in times when it was difficult to measure customer habits and to derive customer insights. Today the clear trend is to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the digital channels like for any other part of the business. Deriving customer insights through continuous A/B testing is the state-of-the-art, best practice approach to improve customer experience and to repair weak spots within an optimizing strategy. Customer insights and associated optimization plans shall determine the day-by-day work of the online team of editors and media designers. 

Customer Experience Management (CXM) flow chart 2

Classic web content management focuses on the collaborative curating of content for digital channel publishing. A precondition for a great experience is a superior delivery of the content. The challenge of content delivery increased recently through the need to deploy individually customized and relevant content with personalization and recommendations. The integration of CRM and other legacy systems is often a must to deploy customer service – interoperability became a key requirement for versatile web content platforms like eZ Publish.

Now everything is in place to set up a reliable optimization strategy. There is no optimization without meaningful statistic and channel specific analysis. It is essential to understand the main user paths – where do they arrive in the channels and where and why do they leave. Based on the analytics infrastructure, KPIs can be defined, i.e. “I want at least 20% of all visitors going to the news section”. Randomly testing alternative teasers for the news landing page can determine how the KPI can be effectively achieved. eZ’s vision is to provide soon a self-learning platform with the capability to automatically detect user experience hurdles and to give recommendations on how to remove them.

With the new Etna release, eZ Publish has evolved to a closed-loop content curation and user experience platform. The Etna release eZ Publish 4.7 enables a new level of user experience management by the winning strategy of continuous repairing and optimizing the digital channels. This will provide our customers and partners a competitive edge in their markets. 

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