Written by Nicolas Pastorino, VP Marketing, eZ Systems

After 6 months of hard work developing new features, implementing enhancements, fixing bugs, testing and improving performances of the 5.1 version, time has come to congratulate the team and contributors for their work on this brand new release!


Check the new 5.3 release, a leap ahead of 5.2: //ez.no/5.3

eZ Publish Platform 5.2 is the 3rd release of the 5 series, code-named Aconcagua. It is a Short Term Support (STS) release (5.3 will be the next Long Term Support release).

From the standpoint of Online Marketing and Customer Experience Management: 5.2 strengthens its core features, securing its position as rock-solid content-based Online Marketing platform with seamless integration of Marketing Automation, Smart Analytics, Personalisation and Recommendation, to name a few.

From the Technology perspective: in this version the New Stack, the part of the Dual Kernel architecture integrating Symfony2, should be the preferred choice when developing new sites.

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