If you haven’t bought tickets for eZ Conference 2016 already, be sure to register today—eZ Conference 2016 is less than three weeks away! This year’s summit will be held in Paris on October 5-6, with a full day preconference developer training on October 4th. We’ve just finalized the speaker lineup and we are thrilled to announce our final round of speakers below. If you’d like to learn more about a particular speaker, please visit conference.ez.no


Roger Antonsen

Roger Antonesen

Executive Vice President, Corporate Banking DNB

How to Stimulate Innovation in Well Established Companies

How do we stimulate innovation in well established companies when experimentation tends to be more prominent among entrepreneurs and start-ups? This talk explores this key question in the context of DNB's app Vipps, which gives users the possibility to send money to a phone number, without needing to know the recipient’s bank account details. Today, the app is more popular than Snapchat and Pokémon Go in Norway, and over 50% of Norwegians over 15 years of age have downloaded the app.

Gilles Guirand

Gilles Guirand

CTO, Kaliop

The Next Generation of Innovative Applications: Powered by eZ Publish & Kuzzle.io

Innovative mobile & web applications like Uber, Slack, IoT, online messaging and games use cutting edge technologies to provide "magical" features such as realtime pub/sub, APIs, web sockets, notifications and geospatial events. These ecosystems are quite far from classical LAMP architectures and CMS business logic. Today, a new generation of "back-end" software, kuzzle.io, enables you to easily improve your application’s UX with these "magical" features, while maintaining eZ Publish in the background. This talk will demystify these new technologies & demonstrate some use cases with eZ Publish & Kuzzle.io.

Ania Hentz

silver.solutions CEO and Co-founder

Roland Benedetti

eZ Systems, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Bringing Content & Commerce Together

All too often brands struggle to manage separate e-commerce and content management platforms, resulting in internal inefficiencies and disconnected user experiences. During this talk, silver.solutions and eZ will share the latest developments of their fully integrated solution for content management and e-commerce. They’ll explain how the solution helps businesses answer today’s and tomorrow’s customer needs better than using multiple platforms for content management and e-commerce.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Technical Director, Inviqa

Architecting your content for the Unknown consumer

Whilst CMS communities talk headless, the market is starting to talk CaaS (Content as a Service), in which content is created and managed independently of the place it will be consumed. CaaS becomes especially important when considering the Internet of Things or more traditional end points such as websites and mobile apps. Over time, this could mean everything from your TV or watch to your fridge. This session will look at how eZ can be used to offer CaaS by positioning it as the Digital Hub of the enterprise.

Till Kubelke

Till Kubelke

Managing Director, Kuborgh GmbH

Fujitsu on eZ… Worldwide

Kuborgh has helped Fujitsu, a global player in computer products, manage campaign sites for more than 6 years. In this talk, Till will explain how Kuborgh uses eZ 5.x to support Fujitsu’s digital transformation, manage global rollouts and ensure high performance. An agency with a strong background in Symfony development, Kuborgh has a “no legacy” approach with eZ.

Kieron Sambrook-Smith

Chief Commercial Officer, Platform.sh

The Business Value of a PaaS

How can you introduce regime change across IT development and operations that could deliver positive effects on your live business services? In this session, you’ll learn how a Platform as a Service (PaaS), like Platform.sh, can give your business wings.

Technical Track

Robert Douglas

Robert Douglass

VP Customer Success, Platform.sh

Orchestrated, Consistent, and Deterministic Deployment: What Does it Mean and How to Get There

One of the largest risks and highest costs in any project is the act of deployment. By following Orchestrated, Consistent, and Deterministic Deployment (O.C.D.) principles, you can achieve new levels of efficiency and security that positively impacts your entire organization. This session shares the framework, best practices, and tools (free and commercial) to judge any deployment process as well as investigate current weaknesses, gaps, and shortcomings.

Emmanuel Drouet

Emmanuel Drouet

Software Architect, Smile

Discover a Symfony bundle that enables Webfactory features in eZ Platform

With EdgarEzSiteBuilderBundle, we are going to transform eZ Platform into a powerful site factory that can host several sites for distinct customers/end-users on a single instance. Each customer is now able to create a new site based on a template without any technical knowledge.

Gaetano Giunta

Kaliop UK, CTO

Managing changes to the database across the project life cycle

In this talk we will cover the different strategies for managing changes to the database content structure, both during the development and maintenance phases. The Kaliop Migrations Bundle will be introduced as current best-in-breed solution to automate changes after the go-live of a site.

Gareth Midwood

Gareth Midwood

Tech Lead, Creode

Protect your home with rIoT gear

An introduction to IoT from a home security perspective. Covering the changing face of home security devices and how they can be monitored while you're out—plus a couple of awesome gadgets that aren't security related but are great for keeping things in order when you're not home. Through hand drawn slides and live demos (with audience interaction—don't forget your phones!) you'll learn how easy and cheap it can be to build your own home security system with eZ as the control center.

Damien Pobel

eZ Systems, Lead Engineer, User Interface

Extending and customizing the eZ Platform user interface for your projects

Every project is unique and eZ Platform helps you build what you want. Join us to learn the major extension points of the eZ Platform UI and how to extend the core. This talk will cover topics such as the creation of new dashboard widgets, menu entries, new views for content and advanced use of the discovery widget.

Andre Romcke

André Rømcke

VP Engineering, eZ Systems

eZ Platform and eZ Studio: Where we are, where we are going, and a look towards 2.0 and beyond

eZ’s next gen content management platform continues to evolve and there’s plenty more to come. How has the platform transformed and what are the major plans for the future? This talk will cover the spectrum, from the repository, the UI and our API-driven architecture to deployment via container-based technology and the move to Symfony3.

Petar Španja

eZ Systems, Software Engineer

Co-speaker: André Rømcke, VP Engineering, eZ Systems (pictured earlier in this post)

How to use the new search engine with Solr, and how to extend it

With search, one size doesn’t fit all. In this hands-on session, learn how to use the eZ Platform repository and API to develop custom search interfaces. This talk will give developers useful insights whether they are looking to build custom search screens on the front-end or the back-end.

Special thanks to our sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors Platform.sh, Kaliop, Inviqa, Smile, SensioLabs, Sword, and Symfony for their support. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact conference@ez.no

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