eZ is excited about our new partnership with Siteimprove. Their new CMS plugin gives editors great visibility into the quality and effectiveness of their content, all while working directly in the CMS. Below is a summary from our partner on how this new plugin can benefit content creators on eZ Platform.

Having complete visibility into your digital presence can be impossible if you’re using just the naked eye. When creating fresh and impactful content for your website it’s crucial that you always consider site behavior, user experience, and accessibility compliance – just to name a few.

How do you keep track of all the moving parts, from properly utilizing analytics data to catching misspellings in your content management system (CMS)? Imagine if misspellings were highlighted for you, accessibility issues were flagged, readability levels were calculated — before your content was even published.

Now, while you're uploading and editing content within eZ Platform or eZ Publish, you can streamline that process immediately with valuable content insights and analytics data from the Siteimprove CMS Plugin.

How can you achieve digital certainty?

Knowing that you can count on your digital content to be predictable, credible, and accessible empowers you to act with digital certainty. Siteimprove’s CMS Plugin bridges the gap between eZ’s CMS interface and Siteimprove's automated intelligence platform.

By displaying analytics data and on-page errors directly in eZ Platform or eZ Publish, content creators can test, fix, and optimize their work continuously. Once the detected issues have been addressed, you can directly re-check the page and see if further action is required.

How does the plugin streamline your work process?

If you’ve ever managed your website’s content, you know that all of your work usually requires clicking in and out of multiple pages and programs, eating up time and money better spent elsewhere. The plugin appears as a movable widget on any page you are editing. With the plugin, there's no more clicking and dragging between windows and programs, eZ platform, or other plugin extensions you may be using.


streamline your work process

Siteimprove’s CMS Plugin displays your website's analytics data, quality assurance problems, accessibility issues, and more directly within eZ Platform or eZ Publish.

Create a globally accessible website

The future of the digital world is changing, causing seemingly accessible websites to become inaccessible rather quickly. With Siteimprove’s CMS Plugin; you maintain an inclusive digital presence.

For many public or governmental organizations, having a compliant website is now a legal requirement using internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

eZ Community Dashboard Accessibility Screenshot

Accessibility issues are highlighted directly in eZ Platform or eZ Publish, such as poor color contrast, missing alt text, and more.

Siteimprove’s CMS Plugin helps eZ Platform content creators get the most out of their website

  • Get it right the first time – Fix errors and optimize content while you’re creating it.
  • View on page insights – quality assurance, accessibility, SEO data and policy results from your Siteimprove subscription displayed while you are working in eZ Platform or eZ Publish.
  • Put analytics data to use – turn analytics insights into an integral part of your content creation and editing process.
  • Re-check pages in real-time – evaluate your work and progress by re-testing content directly within the eZ Platform or eZ Publish.

Contact our partner, Siteimprove, to request a free demo.

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