Written by Nicolas Pastorino, VP Marketing, eZ Systems

Two weeks back, our friends at Net Results deployed a brand new User Interface for their tool, and you get 100% of it within eZ Marketing Automation. It is now easier and faster than ever to put your content on the fast lane and do awesome digital marketing based on eZ Publish Platform: lead generation, email marketing, content and inbound marketing. Read on!

Brand New Design

This version brings a dramatically improved look and feel and appearance of the app: it feels lighter, there is more white space, giving a very solid and even more professional impression.

Re-organized Navigation: a New Scheme

From tabs to drop-down menu, reducing the number of page loads and giving direct access to your target section of the app. The navigation from this renewed top-menu, down to the second or even third level of depth, is a breeze. Additional navigation options (shortcuts like "Create new campaign" for instance) were lifted right under the main menu, localizing all actions in one visual space, more naturally spotted.

More Natural Organization of Menu Options

Five top-level entries as opposed to eight in the previous version make it easier to browse through the tool.
One example amongst many: reporting options are consolidated under "Reports".

Folder Management: Simplified

When multiple stakeholders are using the eZ Marketing Automation suite, organizing campaigns, segments or emails into folders makes a whole lot of sense. Folder management has been vastly simplified, supporting the work of multiple teams within the tool.

More Powerful Contact Management

All key elements of a contact can now be viewed and edited in one single place. Lead-scoring is there too, as well as the bounce status and the list of subscriptions the contact has subscribed to.

The activity stream is handily displayed in the right-column, giving instant access to "What happened lately with this contact".

Contextual Help on The Right-hand Side

Never lost, always helped: the right-hand side column proposes best practices tutorials and help topics around various key topics such as lead generation, email marketing, nurturing campaigns, etc.

Dozens of other usability and user experience improvements are putting icing on top of these great new features. Discover more in the video below, and get in touch to get a full-blown demo of the tool:

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