Written by Maud Brundseaux, Online Marketing Manager, eZ Systems

We’re hearing more and more about Marketing Automation. Everyday a new article on how to increase lead generation, improve nurturing all while still keeping coherence within the marketing strategy. Marketing Automation makes it easier and more effective by automatizing the process while still keeping it personalized.

We’re still at the dawn of Marketing Automation and according to a recent research from Software Advice (a marketing automation software evaluation company), many companies are still evaluating the tool and the opportunities and improvements it could offer them in their daily tasks. The key findings in the report on marketing automation buyer trends have established that 79% of the companies are using a marketing software (CRM, email marketing, industry-specific) but only 9% uses a marketing automation tool. But of course, those marketing software systems don’t offer the same range of features than in marketing automation tools.


Credits: Software Advice Research

Marketing Automation tools may still seem very cryptic and complicated for some companies and therefore a lot of them still have not adopted it. Surely it requires some training and planning. But at the end, this time spent building a good online marketing strategy will be valuable in many aspects of your business.

Still in the same research, from Software Advice the two main reasons why companies are considering the purchase of a marketing automation software are improving lead management and the need to automate the marketing process. From my own experience, lead generation and nurturing are made easier by the use of the eZ Marketing Automation.

On our side, after a very fast deployment process,we reaped the benefits of it very quickly. It was worth it and increased the conversion up to 66%, simply by using well integrated forms. Of course, all this in combined use with a good segmentation.

All these functionalities and benefits are available in our eZ Marketing Automation tool. And we also provide trainings if you feel like you will need some technical or functional help from our consultants. You want to know more about it? Just ask for a free demo!

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