Written by Bertrand Maugain, VP Sales Nordics, eZ Systems

Netmaking is all about profitable webpages, and for going all the way with eZ Publish. For more than 10 years they have delivered user friendly webpages that add value to the business for their Norwegian customers. With well-trained and competent eZ Publish developers, they aim for great service and availability long after the initial project is completed.

Netmaking is sponsor of the business track at eZ International Days in June, and Manager Eirik Alfstad Johansen is excited to meet eZ partners, customers, developers and professionals within content, digital marketing and e-commerce. Johansen is one of the speakers at the event, and will present a capturing Case Study together with Aschehoug, one of the largest Norwegian publishing companies.

How KPIs can complement Google Analytics

Together with Alistair Spalding in Aschehoug, Johansen will be talking about how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can provide focus and guidance for both the marketing and development of a web site. Most people are accustomed to using Google Analytics as their main tool for reviewing web site performance, but Netmaking believe the usage of KPIs can complement Analytics to give an even more understandable view of the web site performance, as well as a mutual organizational understanding of where digital efforts should be targeted.

Although KPIs are nothing new, I believe it will be very interesting to hear how Aschehoug has implemented this tool into their digital performance review, and to learn about which obstacles they’ve encountered along the way, Johansen says. He hopes that the talk can also serve as an eye opener to people without previous KPI experience.

Inspiring event

Having specialized in eZ Publish for over 10 years, Netmaking truly believe in the importance of the eZ community, both partners and clients, meeting on a regular basis to discuss solutions to common challenges. -Attending similar events in the past have always proved inspiring, and I’m looking forward to new take-aways this time, says Johansen.

Friends and discussions

Having attended quite a few eZ events over the years, Johansen has accumulated many friends who he’s looking forward to seeing again. He finds it interesting to have the event so close to home. - I believe the venue at Stratos will provide a great frame for some interesting discussions continuing into the evening, he says. 

Johansen’s and Spalding’s talk at eZ International Days, take place in the Business track at 11.15-11.45. You can also meet them at Netmaking’s stand at the venue.

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