Written by Melissa B. D. Kaste, Product Marketing Director

We are happy to present some new additions to eZ Live Viewer 2 this week that make it even more innovative, attractive and user friendly.

eZ Live Viewer is the real-time, predictive infographic analytics & optimization dashboard integrated within the enterprise version of the eZ Publish Platform. It keeps you informed on how your website content performs and trends. It sends alerts and recommends changes in order to improve your content performance within your site.

Check out the fresh features added this week:

Favorites - configure your own views suited to your tasks

eZ Live Viewer allows you now to simply create and organise your favorite views so you can speedily return to them at any time. Any view can be saved as favorite by clicking on the star icon. The first favorite view in the list will becomes your default screen when you log in to eZ Live Viewer. You can reorder this list easily by drag-and-drop.


Favorite views will be automatically rotated by clicking on the play icon next to the star. The time interval for a view to remain on screen in an autoplay mode can be set with the arrows, on the right side of the favorites. Autoplay can be paused at any time. This is a great tool for editorial teams that choose to display the real-time performance on a large screen in the office. Great for the reception or boardroom too to show the buzz of what’s happening across the brand’s site.

Article details

eZ Live Viewer now shows the historical performance of the article by hovering the mouse over the graphs. You can see how many visits that article received with 10 minutes interval. For those editors really on the pulse it is also possible to see the time spent since the article was published within the last 12 hours.

On the right side of the screen you will find all the internal and external referrers listed, not only the top five ones, as before. The referrals are now clickable and a new tab will be open for this view. If you are tightly monitoring search engine and social media referrals this is the favorite view for you.

Predictive Analysis of article performance based on page position

The above changes are new additions just added to eZ Live Viewer. In case you missed the previous news one of the strongest new features of eZ Live Viewer 2 is the Front Page Monitor, which shows the most popular articles on your website measured against a “zone position average” score. This makes it possible to monitor at a glance if the article is underperforming based on that position’s average engagement rate allowing the editor to consider repositioning the article, changing the headline, image or more. A predictive analysis feature even suggests changes on the article’s positions based on historic performance, for a better overall performance of your site and content investment.

What is coming next?

We plan to bring many more great features to eZ Live Viewer soon. But what you can expect in the near future is that users will be able to set the time interval for themselves and lengthen the analysis period to, for example: last week or last month. We will also add an on-screen help to assist users getting acquainted with eZ Live Viewer.

Stay tuned!

Visit our eZ Market place for more information about eZ Live Viewer and other extensions.

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