We’re now officially in summer and it’s time for us to introduce the June Fast Track release: eZ Platform 1.10.

1.10 is immediately available on the usual channels:

  • eZ Platform Open Source Edition available for download on ezplatform.com and via composer update
  • eZ Platform Enterprise Edition available to all customers on the support portal as well as to all business partners under trial licence on the partner portal

What’s in it for you?

For the editors

If you are an editor and end user of our content management platform, this release won’t be a revolution for you but will still bring a few very helpful capabilities.

First and foremost, the support for tables comes to the online editor. This was one of the most requested features that didn’t make it in our earlier versions, but here it is—in a first phase. Editors can create tables from the editor, or tables can come from an imported or pasted piece of content.

Also for the editor, a range of small improvements made the use of the landing page editor and the form manager much more comfortable.

Coming with 1.10 are also some nice additions to the eZ Platform EE demo site such as the integration of the SEO bundle from Novactive as a way to give editors full control of their SEO strategy, or the improvement of the personalized landing page based on user preferences using the Tags bundle. Those are not core eZ Platform features but are great examples that can be used as a basis for anyone willing to deploy such functionalities.

For the developers

There is actually much more for the developers in this release.

Let’s start with some pure developer experience—with improvements at the API level. The public API is now much simpler to use when trying to access and use translated content (see

https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-27428 for more info)

For users willing to leverage the Solr bundle, there are more things supported natively, with a first set of facets available by default. You can now use the Solr bundle to create search facets on Content Types, Sections and Users. Of course we aim for more types of facets to be supported, and they will come in future releases, but this is a great start and will really help developers. 

Still about the Solr bundle, developers have now the ability to configure index time boosting, which lets them tune search results to provide more relevant results to users.

Finally, coming with 1.10 is a new Design System. The new design system allows developers to better manage the designs (meaning templates and design assets) they want to apply to their sites. It lets them define Themes and build Designs from those themes with the ability to share and override themes. It’s a great feature for those building multisite solutions with eZ Platform.


eZ Platform 1.10 also comes with a list of bug fixes and minor improvements. To learn more, read the 1.10 release notes and the change logs. 

As you might know, a large part of our Engineering team is now working on eZ Platform v2. The first alpha was released earlier this month and the project is making great progress. Stay tune to learn more about it and eventually try it in alpha, beta or a later stable stage.

As always, please send us your comments about this release by emailing us at productmanagement@ez.no or by commenting on this blog post.

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