As planned on our product roadmap, today was the day of our second Fast Track (FT) release of 2017. eZ Platform Open Source and Enterprise Edition have both reached a stable state and are now available on usual channels:

eZ Platform Open Source can be downloaded on or from our Github repositories. eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is available to our subscribers on their service portal and to partners in their partner portal.

While a growing part of our product and engineering team is now working on version 2.x— a version to be released in the near future—we still have been developing the 1.x branch further and this release provides some great improvements.

In a nutshell, the Editorial Experience for eZ Platform users will be greatly improved with a few significant changes:

Bulk upload to quickly load your content in eZ Platform

The file import features let the user upload files in bulk in the content repository. Files are converted in the content type that matches their MIME type, based on the configuration. This allows users to quickly create collections of content such as image galleries, sets of documents, videos or any small or large binary files.

Browse the content repository quickly and consistently

We previously introduced a content browser in the Universal Discovery Widget that would let the users navigate in the repository. This content browser has been improved and we decided to use it consistently across the application, replacing the previous unpractical content tree.

Organize and classify your content with eZ Tags

Our friends at Netgen came with a new massive contribution to eZ Platform: the upgrade of the eZ Tags system to work on top of eZ Platform.

For the ones not knowing eZ Tags, it is a solution that will allow you to tag, organize, classify and deliver your content in many different ways relying on a strong taxonomy management system very well integrated to the eZ content repository. It can be used for instance to navigate through the content repository using tags, it can also be used to deliver personalized and targeted content to different groups of users based on their preferences.

We couldn’t ignore this and we decided to package eZ Tags with the standard Studio demo to illustrate different things that can be done with it. This is hopefully just a first step and we’ll work more on making it even more integrated in the core platform, with the goal of using it to totally replace the Keywords field type in a future version.

This new release brings many other smaller improvements, feel free to check out the release notes or directly try out this new version.

As always, if you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to the product team using

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