We are excited to welcome our newest eZ Partner, 6D Global, headquartered in New York.  Last week, Roderick Thomas, Partner Success Manager at eZ and myself, connected with 6D management:  Adriana Rubio, Channel Partner Manager and TJ Iaciofano, VP of Web Experience, via Skype and email for an interview. You can read the transcript below.

TJ Iaciofano

VP, Web Experience

TJ Iaciofano is Vice President of Web Experience for 6D Global with responsibility for leading the delivery, consulting and business development teams. Web Experience specializes in customer journey, enterprise web strategy, content management and experience management as well as the programs, platforms and applications that support those initiatives.

TJ’s team consists of delivery managers, multi-solution architects, development leads, engineers, digital marketers and subject matter experts. He is also responsible for opening and managing 6D Labs, the company’s center of excellence focused on solution delivery and support for technology implementations.

TJ has over 16 years of experience in web and web-based solution delivery as well as leading enterprise-level web-based content management systems. Prior to joining 6D in 2011, TJ held various leadership roles in web content management for higher education, commercial and the non-profit space.

Adriana Rubio

Channel Partner Manager

Adriana Rubio is the Channel Partner Manager for 6D Global leading all partner initiatives from a co-marketing, co-selling and co-delivery standpoint. Adriana leads the business strategy with 6D's partner ecosystem, including technology and agency partners, and is responsible for growing existing relationships as well as expanding 6D's digital footprint across the industry.Adriana has over 6 years of experience in the Digital Marketing space growing partner relationships for multiple Digital agencies in the industry. Prior to joining 6D in 2015, Adriana held various leadership roles in business development, marketing and the non-profit space. Adriana is an Advisory Board member at the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where she serves as a Marketing consultant for the Professional Mentoring Network.

Can you tell us about 6D, how it got started, a little back-story about the company?

Founded in 2004 by Chief Executive Officer Tejune Kang, 6D Global is a digital solutions provider with the insight and know-how to meet customers wherever they are in their evolution, from taking their brand digital, to transforming their business We create new sources of revenue and build competitive advantages. Unlike traditional digital agencies or pure system integrators, 6D is here to consult, design, build, run, and measure digital marketing programs in harmony.

Our people are experienced in providing hand-crafted solutions that can be delivered on-time and within budget – every time. And even though we think big, we are small and nimble allowing us to be flexible and transparent in everything we do. CX — customer experience — is at the heart of everything we do.

With 90+ employees, 6D Global has 5 offices across the United States. Headquarters are in New York City, and we also have offices in Cincinnati, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and San Diego and Pleasanton, California.

Our creative team provides complete design solutions — print, mobile, web — that consider all aspects of your look and customer user experience.

6D delivers user experiences that build brand loyalty and drive demand, placing the customer at the center of every interaction. Our analytics team helps our clients make data-driven decisions that drive traffic and increase brand engagement.

Are there any creative projects you are proud of?

The 6D mobile team paved the way for book publishers to bring their products to iPad, and our work with AEM Mobile created the first NBA app on the platform for the Oklahoma City Thunder. We've got the know-how to create memorable mobile experiences in an ever-changing landscape. With two decades of work with digital marketing systems, 6D Marketing enables clients to capture customer data and respond appropriately.

Let’s talk about this new partnership with eZ. How much experience do you have with CMS projects?

We have deep expertise in the delivery of Web Content Management systems, including both open source, and proprietary platforms across different verticals and industries.

We have a dedicated web experience business unit with multiple developers and multi-solution architects trained and certified in some of the top leading CMSs from the industry. We've delivered over 100 CMS implementation and integration projects for some of the top companies in the world, supporting our clients with innovative solutions that allow them to meet and exceed their goals.

 What did you like about eZ?

We are excited about our new partnership with eZ! eZ Systems has been in business since 1999 and powers thousands of websites in Europe for some of the top media companies and banks in the world. eZ’s CMS platform creates a powerful and dynamic authoring experience that leaps and bounds above normal enterprise content management systems. It's a very publishing and media-centric technology, which lends itself to large media and publication companies such as online blogs, magazines, and other news outlets. Its dependency on open source software as the core stack gives it a lot of capabilities and skills to help support the platform.

What do you think is most important in a CMS?

For the CMS software selection process, the most important thing is the authoring capabilities and authoring experience. Second to that, integrations with outside software and it's ability to be customized to a business's needs.

Can you tell us a little bit about recent projects you’ve worked on?

Recent projects in this space have consisted of employee intranets, partner portals, public facing marketing websites and large catalog experiences. We work with some of the largest B2B and high-tech companies in the world, including STMicroelectronics, Autodesk, Xilinx, Citrix and Crown Equipment, just to name a few, that manage large catalogs and where deep content management experience is needed for highly customized development.

At the same time, we work with mid-market companies across multiple verticals including Retail, Financial Services, Education, Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, and even Government agencies, that are starting to grow and build their digital footprint. Some clients to highlight include, Aramark, Farmer Brothers Coffee, Behr Process Corp, Bank of America, First Republic Bank, Nike, McDonald's and Hanna Andersson, just to name a few.

We help clients in their early stages of growing their digital marketing roadmap, enabling and empowering marketers to continue to deliver high-quality experiences to their end customer with the right message, at the right time, on the right device, delivering engaging brand stories to customers when and where it matters the most.

Do you see any trends in building digital experiences?

Customers in our space expect a lot of functionality to be customizable and they expect to ramp up new websites in a matter of months.

The trend is more towards a gold standard platform recipe - meaning they will choose the right CMS for the job, the right CRM for the job, the right DAM [digital asset management]  for the job, etc. The platform's ability to be integrated with other gold standard systems is pretty important.

As for the end customer digital experience, absolutely! Marketing is now a synonym of experience. We don't consume products and services anymore - we delight clients with the experience of them using our products or services. That should be the ultimate goal for a customer centric, 21st-century company.

What do you feel is most important now for clients who are preparing for a digital transformation?

One of the first things to consider is to make sure that the business objective is well defined prior to applying tools and technologies to solve the problem. It's also very important for Marketing and IT to be aligned in terms of strategy going forward. Once you have a clear definition and everyone is aligned around the problem they are trying to solve, then tools should be applied to solve those problems easiest.  

For marketing-focused sites leveraging Content Management, an audit of existing content is a necessity going forward. You need to examine, what's fresh, what's new, what's hot - to know what to push forward with. You want to make sure that the content you will be leveraging is relevant and aligned to your current business objectives, goals and audience interest.

What are the future plans for 6D?

6D continues to deepen its expertise across the digital marketing ecosystem, including solutions that cover the complete digital experience cycle from acquisition to conversion to retention and engagement and supporting capabilities to help our clients grow their digital strategies.

Our existing client and partner relationships are extremely valuable to us  - we consider them part of the 6D family. We look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen them on a daily basis. Furthermore, 6D will continue to grow and lead with innovation. We have plans to expand into Latin America in 2017 as the market itself has started demanding our support in this region.

And last but not least, we look forward to growing our relationship with eZ Systems, delighting customers with top leading innovative solutions and services.

You can visit 6D Global’s website for more information about their team and projects. We look forward to seeing what they do with eZ technology  in the coming year!

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