Written by Sylvain Guittard, Digital Experience Manager

Your digital platform is your showcase for your customers and partners, which is an initial touch-point and an exchange place. But it could be far more than that, by becoming the start of customer experience, driving lead-generation, demand-generation and beneficial to your brand.

1 - Why Capture Leads?

Visitors browsing your website are often anonymous. But these visitors are potential customers. If you want to contact them, you have to retrieve some information about them. One of the principles to achieve this is to create landing pages with forms. The interested visitors, who expect value from your content, will intentionally fill out these forms. This is the idea behind Inbound Marketing or Permission Marketing. You will be able to nurture your contact database and your funnel. The lead capture is the first step of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

This harvested information, throughout the visitors' navigation, will help your teams (marketing, sales,...) better know the leads in order to increase the amount of sales opportunities.

2 - The Solution? eZ Marketing Automation!

The eZ Marketing Automation extension has a great feature that eases the process of creating the forms for the landing pages. You do not need programming of technical skills: you can simply drag and drop fields, and define the required ones. Straight-forward!

eZ Marketing Automation Form Builder

Once you have created the form, the final step is to define the so-called "form actions": send notifications, CRM synchronization, list membership modification, segmenting...

eZ Marketing Automation Form Builder Actions

3 - Integration in eZ Publish

During the last months, at eZ Systems, we reworked some of our landing pages, inspired by the marketing and design best practices for landing pages.

Mockup Landing Page Form

We implemented this new design on 6 different landing pages. Our best result? An increase of 66% in form conversion.

Since the release of eZ Publish 5.2, all of our landing pages are using this new design, which still include eZ Marketing Automation forms.


Integrating web forms generate leads and grow demand generation is nowadays required in digital marketing. Your pieces of content with high added-value (whitepapers, brochures, presentations, special offers,...) should be placed behind a formwall, embedded in a landing page. eZ Publish Platform and eZ Marketing Automation facilitate the setup of lead-generation forms.

Don’t miss any prospect anymore, don’t miss any sale opportunity anymore.

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