Harbour Publishing, a Canadian book publisher, first published the Encyclopedia of BC on a printed book and a CD-ROM back in 1999. Soon they were faced with the challenge of moving their content online, so in 2001 they paired up with Mugo Web—an eZ partner—to build a digital version of the encyclopedia—now known as KnowBC.

KnowBC.com screenshot

Mugo migrated all of the Encyclopedia of BC’s content into eZ Publish—4,000 text entries in addition to audio and video clips, all of which is searchable and accessible via paid subscription.

For over 15 years Harbour Publishing and Mugo have worked with a monetization model that’s allowed KnowBC to continue generating revenue and expanding the platform to continuously add new titles.

Harbour Publishing sells subscriptions to public schools, public libraries and institutional libraries via digital asset purchasing companies. The system in place supports all standard validation models including direct login, referring URL, whitelisted IP addresses and subnets, as well as matching library card numbers. The solution includes detailed logging and debugging options.

“The CMS is very robust and the site has been very flexible; we’re able to do routine maintenance and additions of content in our own office,” says Howard White, publisher at Harbour Publishing. “That’s essential for us and it works quite well. We’re quite satisfied with the CMS, the customization and the cost. Working with Mugo has been excellent.”

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