Written by Bård Farstad, eZ's CTO

It was a nice announcement from Google that they are adding real time analytics to Google Analytics. In short this means that you can see statistics that are not delayed by a day or more, but in real time.

Our media customers are typically handling content on landing pages in blocks, like for example the daily newspaper The Christian Science Monitor or The Wall Street Journal Japan. The editorial team has to publish the stories on the front-page or other sections that drive the most traffic. This is an editorial decision and to validate this decision, it is crucial to see which story is doing well and which story is not. Then make a decision to move a story down and another up on the page - or simply replace it.

With the the new analytics, you can now monitor what story is working and make decisions in real time. More interestingly you can set up the different zones to be tracked like campaigns. That way you can see in real time how well the main story is doing vs the other placements on the landing page.

I am really looking forward to seeing this in production to see how usable it really is for these scenarios. The end result will hopefully be that the new Google Analytics can be used as decision support for the editorial teams at media organizations.

More information from Google can be read at the Analytics Blog. On an analytics note we will follow up this blog post with a more detailed post on how the Odoscope extension for eZ Publish with visual pathway illustrations works and how this compares with what Google is doing.

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