If you haven’t bought tickets yet for eZ Conference 2017, there’s no better time than today. Today we announce our full lineup of speakers for the business track, technical track and keynotes. Thank you to all who submitted speaking proposals.

Are you a developer? Don’t forget we’ll have a full day of training the day prior to the conference, June 6. Training will be in two tracks—one for newbies and one for advanced developers.

Keynote Speaker

Aleksander Farstad

Aleksander Farstad - eZ Systems, Co-Founder and CEO

The Two Pillars of Digital Transformation: Content and Software
Aleksander will tell us where eZ stands today and where it's headed tomorrow. He will be joined by other members of the eZ executive team to present eZ's strategy and vision as well as the eZ product roadmap for the rest of 2017.

Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern - Customer Carewords, Founder and CEO - Digital Customer Experience Expert, Author, Visionary

Building a Customer-centric Organization
Gerry will discuss the four pillars of customer-centricity: Empathy, Flexibility, Simplicity and Trust. He will examine how content is the oil of digital and how it can be used to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones - Inviqa, Technical Director

Content in 7 Dimensions
Learn the seven dimensions to consider when personalizing content for your audiences. With those dimensions uncovered, Richard will then explore the practical applications and implications of this for a modern, content-rich website.

Business Track

Markus Hoefinger

Markus Hoefinger - Wunderman PXP, CEO

Do Not Click! How We Relaunched puls4.com with eZ
Markus will share with us insights and best practices learned from the relaunch of puls4.com, done for the Pro7Sat1 Media Group.

Roland Benedetti

Roland Benedetti - eZ Systems, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Expanding on the eZ Roadmap
Get a deeper look at eZ's roadmap and what you can expect to come in the months ahead.

Deane Barker

Deane Barker - Blend Interactive, Chief Strategy Officer

Why Content Projects Fail
Deane will discuss five reasons for why content projects fail, and what we can do to prevent it.

Marc Gasser

Marc Gasser - Origammi, CEO

10 Steps to a Fast-growing e-Commerce Company
Marc will discuss 10 steps for how companies can find new ways of reaching their target audience and grow sustainably.

Felix Laate

Felix Laate - Greater Stavanger, Opportunity Manager

Open Sourcing Public Sector Services
Felix will walk us through the changes and improvements made on arealguiden.no.

Kieron Sambrook-Smith

Kieron Sambrook-Smith - Platform.sh, Chief Commercial Officer

Topic TBD

Mark Marsiglio

Mark Marsiglio - Contextual Code, President & CEO

Topic TBD

Technical Track

Damien Pobel

Damien Pobel - eZ Systems, Lead Engineer, User Interface

Understanding eZ Platform UI 2.x
Learn the new user interface architecture used in the forthcoming eZ Platform version 2. Understand how to customize and extend it, or integrate your own components from third party or legacy applications.

Bertrand Dunogier

Bertrand Dunogier - eZ Systems, Lead Engineer, eZ Platform

André Rømcke

André Rømcke - eZ Systems, VP Engineering

What’s Coming with eZ Platform 2.x and Symfony 3 for Developers
eZ Platform 2.x is the next stop and we’re very excited about it. It comes with many improvements for developers. It will also come with full support for Symfony 3, which offers a ton of new possibilities for developers to work with. In this session, Bertrand and André explore the new opportunities this presents.

Piotr Nalepa

Piotr Nalepa - eZ Systems, Senior UI Developer

Kamil Musiał

Kamil Musiał - eZ Systems, PHP Symfony Developer

Extending Studio
Discover the latest capabilities of Studio and how you can extend and customize it. From building your own layout and landing page blocks to creating rich form elements and integrating it with your own applications. Session presented by Piotr and Kamil.

Jani Tarvainen

Jani Tarvainen - eZ Systems, Professional Services Consultant

Going Headless with eZ Platform
Understand the case of going headless with eZ Platform, from how to use and extend the REST API to building a custom app or site with different front-end technology.

Björn Dieding

Björn Dieding - xrow GmbH, CEO

eZ Platform Enterprise Best Practices: the Times they Are A-Changin'
Projects need to get to market on an evolving software stack. What have we learned so far? Björn addresses this question and more.

Gaetano Giunta

Gaetano Giunta - Kaliop UK, CTO

Powerful Automation Made Simple: a Workflow Engine for eZ Platform
Learn about the new eZ Platform Workflow Engine from Kaliop. Designed to speed up implementation of common automation tasks, it brings together existing technologies (the eZ Platform SignalSlot mechanism and the Kaliop Migrations Bundle) to bring back to eZ one of the few missing functionalities at the core of a modern CMS.

Ivo Lukač

Ivo Lukač - Netgen, Managing Partner

Building a Node Based Cluster for eZ
Learn how to build a cluster for eZ Platform, which consists of multiple odd numbers of nodes that can be scaled up and down when necessary, load balanced, removed or added to the balancing.

Artur Ortega - The Economist Group, Platform Architect

How to Make Content Scale with a Reactive Architecture
See an overview of The Economist's Content Platform architecture. Artur will address the intricacies of making content scale using reactive architecture.

Check out conference.ez.no to learn more about the speakers and presentations.

Special thanks to our sponsors Kaliop and Inviqa for their continuous support.

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