Written by Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at eZ

The product and engineering teams at eZ are happy to introduce the 16.02 release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

16.02 is the first Fast Track (FT) release following the launch of eZ Platform and eZ Studio, and it includes a lot of enhancements and bug fixes to improve on the initial scope of our new content management solutions. 

The new release is out, available for partners and customers through their service portal. eZ Platform is of course available for download on share.ez.no. You can read the eZ Platform 16.02 release notes and eZ Studio 16.02 release notes on our documentation site for all details, for now find below a quick summary of what’s in store for you and what's coming next.

Improvements to eZ Platform

eZ Platform’s online editor will continuously be improved over 2016 and with 16.02, we bring the most requested functionality so far: the ability to manage image variations and new formatting capabilities, as shown in this short clip.

In future releases we’ll be improving embedding capabilities in the online editor mainly with the support for custom tags, to help developer provide support for advanced functionalities within the editor. We will also improve other areas in regards to formatting and styling capabilities as well as enhance the focus mode.

16.02 brings many other enhancements to eZ Platform such as better management of sub-items and trash.

Improvements to eZ Studio

We’ve introduced a brand new notification system in Flex Workflow. Editors can now alert collaborators in real time when they submit content for review or approval. This feature sets the tone for future collaboration functionality we’ll be integrating into eZ Studio later in 2016.

16.02 also brings many bug fixes to the landing page editor.

Extending eZ Studio

Like eZ Platform, eZ Studio is designed to be extended, and organizations are free and encouraged to develop custom functionality for the landing page editor. In fact, our Professional Services team recently developed new tools for embedding content from platforms such as Youtube, Twitter or Spotify. Check out this short clip from @eZ_KevinD to see what we mean (and feel free to ping in on Twitter). As they say, the sky is the limit!

Looking ahead to 16.04 and 16.06

Our development process is iterative and continuous, and with this release out, we’re already busy with the next one.

Fast track releases 16.04 and 16.06 will center around solving known issues as well as bringing new features to eZ Platform and eZ Studio. For eZ Platform, this includes core features such as

  • management and creation of sub-items, for which we plan to make more user friendly and customizable interface
  • discovery widget and navigation in the content tree,  for which we plan to redesign the user interface
  • management of versions and version diff
  • search, for which we plan to provide example of implementation in the front-end
  • preview as well as further improvements to the online editor.

For eZ Studio, in addition to bringing improvements and enhancements to the landing page management and the Flex Workflow features, we will work on new things such as the eZ Studio form builder and inline editing for some field types. With these two releases, we’ll also be focusing on fixing specific known issues. 

If you are curious about the short-term roadmap, we share publicly the development board of our engineering team. It will give you a clear idea of the "epics", the big features we are working on at a specific time. If you want to discuss them, feel free to comment, or engage on Slack or on one of our other communication platforms. Likewise, if you’d like to get the details on our development cycle, visit doc.ez.no/roadmap

Provide feedback and start contributing

We collect a lot of feedback and requests but we never get enough. If you have a need or a request, please feel free to reach out to productmanagement@ez.no or to send them using jira.ez.no. And as usual, if there are any features that you want to help build, get in touch with us and the eZ community.

We’re excited about the good momentum so far this year and there are a lot of good things to come to eZ Platform and eZ Studio in the months ahead!



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