On the 12th of December, we hosted our re\VISION speakers series in NYC. The event took place at the Foundation Center’s  headquarters inside the One Financial Square skyscraper. Our attendees traveled up high-speed elevators to the 24th floor and were greeted by a sparkling view of the East River and Brooklyn skyline. As the sun began to set in shades of pink and yellow, the talks began. The auditorium was packed to capacity and the audience sat with eager anticipation, excited to learn about the latest trends and developments in Omni-Channel User Experiences.

Omni-Channel strategy is about providing your customers a complete and seamless experience regardless of the channel they are using, be it mobile, desktop or brick and mortar. It’s more than just having a presence on these different channels, it’s about ensuring your customers can meet their needs without abandonment.

We’d like to thank Catherine Devine, Chief Digital Officer at American Museum of Natural History, and Stephen MacKley, Director of UX at Beaconfire RED, for their inspiring and informative sessions.

A big gratitude is also in order to Renee Westmoreland, Director of Web Design and Development at the Foundation Center for helping us host the event.

 The Speakers

 Catherine Devine

American Museum of Natural History’s Explorer Experience and Omni-Channel

Our first speaker was Catherine Devine from the American Museum of Natural History. She discussed new features of the museum’s Explorer App and the considerations needed for a personalized user experience.

The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869, spans 4 city blocks in New York City and is made up of 25 interconnected buildings. Because the museum is so large, it’s important for visitors to make the most of their time and leave with a lasting impression of the exhibits.

The Explorer app was carefully designed to personalize and improve a visitor’s experience. The app communicates with 850 beacons placed across the museum, allowing users to learn more about a specific exhibit, identify their specific location in the museum as well as provide suggestions to less crowded locations. The beauty of the interaction is its unobtrusiveness, allowing users to still enjoy the physical without being immersed in the digital. The app serves as a complement, not a replacement to the museum. Catherine’s presentation emphasized understanding a user’s particular desires while inside and outside the museum, and how they may be solved with the app.


Stephen MacKley, Director of UX, Beaconfire RED

UX Mind Games: The Secrets of Addictive Digital Experiences

Stephen’s talk went into the psychology of the user, focusing on external and internal triggers needed to provide an ultimate user experience across all channels.

Stephen argued strong connections between channels don’t necessarily guarantee a good user experience. To guarantee success, you have to play with the user’s mind by employing different kinds of triggers. By combining both external and internal triggers, you can establish UI Friction to encourage habit forming behavior. This kind of friction serves as a spark and facilitator for returning visits and optimal engagement.


To learn more about these above-mentioned triggers, you can view Stephen’s presentation below:

Roland Benedetti

Advancing Content Management for Omni-Channel User Experiences

Our very own Roland Benedetti, concluded the talks with an entertaining anecdote about the perils of shipping (and then tracking) with the USPS web site and how the right CMS can truly advance your user experience regardless of the channel.

You can view Roland’s presentation below:


Panel Discussion

 Bård Farstad, eZ’s Chief of Strategy and co-founder, was also in attendance and hosted a lively panel with the speakers.  


Prizes for our attendees

Attendees submitted their names for a drawing. Up for grabs was a remote- controlled drone and two eZ goodie bags of swag.

Congrats to our winners! You can view a slideshow below. 

 We also interviewed some of our eZ Partners from Kaliop and eSpace and we look forward to sharing some video highlights soon!

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