We've launched the first eZ Platform Long-Term Supported (LTS) release and now we're shifting our focus to 2.x, beginning with refactoring work. A key topic for the start of the year is UI technology, which will influence a lot of the other work for 2.x.

Beyond the need to move away from YUI technology, we plan to make several other changes. Maybe you wondered why we don’t just swap out the UI framework. In short there are several other challenges we need to take into account.

The problems to solve

The most important issues we are receiving from our partners, customers and community members are the following:

  • It takes too much time & effort to customize and extend the eZ Platform backend UI
  • The PHP APIs need to be easier to use and better match common use cases
  • The REST API feels complicated to use and extend, especially for UI work, including our own built-in UI
  • It's hard to find relevant documentation (ongoing work)
  • Stability of the platform (ongoing work)

We are setting out to greatly improve the developer experience in 2017. But YUI itself is not the only reason for these issues, so just changing technologies will cost us a lot of developer months, if not years, but won’t get us much further. We need to aim higher!

Picking a UI technology

In my recent post on the eZ Platform developer hub, I share two primary alternatives for UI technology: a change to a hybrid model and a change to a single-page JS application using REST. Which approach would you prefer?

We've already received plenty of feedback from the community and we want to hear from more of you. Go to ezplatform.com to read more and share your comments.

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