We met with Crédit Agricole’s Corporate Internet Manager, Xavier Isaac to learn more about their use of eZ’s open source content management platform, eZ Publish. Since 2010, Crédit Agricole SA, the main organization under the Crédit Agricole Group, has used eZ Publish to reliably and securely manage their digital content.

Crédit Agricole Group is the leading financial group in France and one of the top banks in Europe. The group operates 39 regional banks in France as well as many other financial businesses. It employs 150,00 employees and generated a revenue of more than 30 billion euros in 2013 for more than 11 billion euros operating income.

Xavier Isaac, Crédit Agricole's Corporate Internet Manager, and his team of content creators were looking to add a new shareholder section to the Group’s website, and they chose eZ’s CMS platform, eZ Publish. Banks must comply with regulations requiring them to keep track of all data generated, they are expected to ensure the security of their data at all times—a critical consideration in the banking sector. "We are financially accountable to our shareholders,” explains Xavier. "At the time, we considered various CMS solutions on the market, looking for the one that could guarantee the reliability and traceability of our content. So we chose eZ Publish, which we found was the best at content publishing, security and traceability," explains Xavier. "We are very pleased with the platform. It is very reliable and robust, our site has never crashed for technical reasons."

Crédit Agricole

eZ’s user-friendly content management platform does not require technical training to edit and publish content. "At our company, corporate communications is the team using eZ Publish on a daily basis, for both our website and our intranet. Thanks to its simplicity and stability, other departments of the bank have also begun to use the platform." says Xavier.

Crédit Agricole Group uses eZ Publish on several other digital properties including: WineAlley.com, an online wine marketplace; PleinChamp.com, an agricultural website; Côté Foot, a sponsoring website for european soccer tournaments; CA Indosuez Wealth, a wealth management site; CA Immobilier, a real estate financing site.

eZ’s CMS has been chosen by several other financial institutions around the world, an industry where security and reliability are a top concern.

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