This year we’ve decided to shake things up a bit, we’re adding new developer activities to eZ Conference 2017 in London. We bring you: the eZ Platform Hackathon! The title speaks for itself—this is for developers only, so if you are not a developer, you should probably pass on this one.

We’re actively working on eZ Platform, especially on version 2, and there’s no better time than now to invite developers to come play with us on this new version. Many developers will already be in London for eZ Conference and we figured it would be a pity not to gather everyone for a Hackathon.

eZ Hackathon

So here it is, we changed our plan for the Friday after the conference where we initially aimed to have the Developer Experience edition of our Product Innovation Board, but instead we decided to morph this into a Hackathon.

Hackathon Theme: From eZ Publish to eZ Platform

eZ Platform succeeds our original software, eZ Publish, a super-powerful and sometimes a bit complicated CMS. For those of you who have developed custom code on eZ Publish, you know upgrading to eZ Platform can be a journey. So the goal of this Hackathon is to focus on improvements and new features that would facilitate the path from eZ Publish to eZ Platform.


Participants will be in teams of 2 to 4 developers. Developers can participate remotely as long as one team member is physically present at eZ Conference. All participants will vote for their choice of winners based on:

  • Quality of the demo
  • Impact and potential
  • Quality and readiness of the code
  • Originality

Note: the Hackathon won’t start Friday, you’ll have the whole week to work on it! Training day on Tuesday, June 6 will be perfect for newcomers to get introduced to developing with eZ Platform. The eZ Conference speaker sessions on Wednesday with Bertrand Dunogier, André Rømcke and Damien Pobel will introduce you to the latest changes in eZ Platform 2.x and show you the state of the project. Plus you’ll get to use the free time throughout the Conference to code (no one will be mad at you if you multitask while listening to a talk in the Tech Track). Also, during Conference hours, feel free to hang out at the eZ Dev Bar to get some 1-on-1 mentoring from eZ experts.

Finally on Friday, everything comes together as all developers meet at the Inviqa office for the last session of the Hackathon. At the end of day, votes from participants will reward the best team.

How to Register:

What’s at Stake:

  • Lots of fun
  • A few eZ Swags
  • Free ticket for the next eZ Conference
  • Free ticket for the next Web Summer Camp (for the eZ track)
  • An eZ Platform Enterprise subscription (Bronze level) - valid for 3 years

What to Bring:

  • Your laptop


Tuesday, June 6 - Thursday, June 8 (during eZ Conference at The Tower Hotel)

  • Pitch ideas and form teams (developers prepare this on their own)
    • In the comment section below
    • At the dev bar on Thursday 
  • Coding starts as soon as the first team has registered

Friday, June 9 (at the Inviqa office - Castlewood | 77-91 New Oxford Street | London | WC1A 1DG)

  • 9:00 - final coding sprint
  • 15:00 - coding ends
    • Teams present their work (those that cannot stay for the entire day, can present online or submit a video that will be played at the time of voting)
  • 16:00 - voting, winners announced and beers

Special thanks to our partner Inviqa who will be hosting the Hackathon in their office on Friday. We'll ask all participantes to sign a contributor license agreement upon registration. Coffee, pizza and healthy snacks will be provided to make sure you stay alive and healthy.

We hope you will participate. Feel free to submit your questions and comment below.

eZ is committed to hosting respectful and inclusive events, read the eZ Code of Conduct.

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