Since 2002, Kaliop Interactive Media has assisted clients with challenging digital projects. The company has earned the trust of The Financial Times, Merck Sharp & Dohme, UNICEF and telecom giant Orange. They have over 180 employees and are experts in open-source technology for the web and connected devices. Headquartered in Paris and Montpellier, France, Kaliop has agencies in Canada, UK, Poland, Singapore and Australia.

An eZ Partner since 2005, Kaliop has extensive experience implementing eZ for e-commerce, media and banking. Many of their employees are experts in their fields and contribute to the eZ Community. Last week, I sat down with Kaliop’s CEO, Françoise Nauton-Inglis, (via Skype) to discuss the future of creating digital experiences, Kaliop’s partnership with eZ and their upcoming talk at the 2016 eZ Conference.


Françoise Nauton-Inglis, CEO Kaliop Group

What are some of the challenges your clients are facing?

A decade ago, an organization’s digital transformation was about selling more products and services to drive revenue growth. These early projects were usually managed by the communications department of the client and were more narrow in scope. Today, most companies are in phase 2 of their digital transformation. They are thinking of new ways to increase their digital presence by connecting with customers across all devices and platforms. There’s been a change in strategy to achieve these goals. Our clients need to reassess how their customers are engaging with their products and services. To achieve this, digital projects are being managed by departments dedicated to digital experience, outside of IT. This enables a more holistic view of the company’s needs across all silos of the organization. There are many more stakeholders involved and this makes the process more complicated.

How does Kaliop helps address client needs?

At Kaliop, we start with a bird’s eye view of the client’s business and examine their digital strategy. From there, we can design an optimal information architecture to fit business needs. For example, we have an international publishing client that’s always been digital. But their strategy now is specifically focused on rapidly adding new brands to their product portfolio across the world. Scalability and efficiency becomes critical as they add new websites. We worked hard on future proofing their content platform to ensure they can centralize the management of all their content across regions. An important thing to consider is a decoupled CMS like eZ Publish or eZ Platform, which allow you to separate your content from presentation. For this client, it gives them the flexibility to repurpose and reuse their content if they choose to push to other channels.

Can you tell us a little bit about Kaliop’s partnership with eZ, for those who might not know?

There’s a long history between the two companies actually. It’s a 13 year relationship and growing! We have always been big advocates of eZ’s CMS and have long been been implementing it for many of our clients. We were delighted to become one of the first eZ partners, focusing on enterprise projects.

eZ is not just just an innovative product, it’s a solid base of experts and a community of passionate users. The ecosystem is so vast and it’s so easy to build upon the product. We’re so excited to see the changes that are happening with the release of eZ Platform.

Can you give us a little teaser on the talk at the 2016 eZ Conference?

Gilles Guirand, CTO of Kaliop, will be talking about our new product, Kuzzle. It works seamlessly with eZ’s CMS. It’s an enterprise grade open-source, back-end solution. Kuzzle allows you to power all kinds of modern apps on the web and beyond, like games, tools, and utilities. It combines a high level API, a database, a real-time engine, subscription and notification mechanisms as well as some advanced search features. The API is accessible through several standard protocols.

Can you share with us some of the future plans at Kaliop?

We are continuing to expand. In May of 2016 we acquired Novactive Canada, a digital agency. The new entity is called Kaliop Canada. Our presence in North America is growing and we will be expanding in San Francisco soon. We are very excited about our solution and believe it will provide great synergies for developers wishing to build a powerful web property with eZ Platform.

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