eZ Platform v2.2 is just around the corner and we would like to provide a glimpse to the bookmark feature that will be introduced. Bookmarks is an exciting feature that has been requested for quite some time by our community and we believe to be beneficial for editors. Editors will be happy to hear that the bookmarks feature will enable them to quickly access different content items rather than browse through the entire content repository to pull a content item. This simple feature will provide a lot of flexibility and allow editors to better streamline their work.

Why did we decide to (re)create this feature?

Bookmarks is not a new feature for eZ. In fact, if you all recall, bookmarks was present in eZ Publish. We knew back then that this was a popular and useful feature for our clients. Unfortunately, this feature was missing both in eZ Platform v1 and v2 because we needed to focus on improving our software architecture and user interface. We also needed to prioritize the most used features and decided to migrate the missing features as we progressed. We are excited now to reintroduce the bookmarks feature.

Bookmarks Capabilities

Bookmarks is a simple yet very useful and powerful feature that will improve the editorial experience. Editors can easily create, access and delete their bookmarks directly from the administrator interface. It's important to note that bookmarks are personal. This means that the bookmarks are directly related to an editor’s account, so up to each editor to have his own list. This feature will speed up the editors' work by providing them a shortcut to the content items they need in their work and ultimately letting them do their work faster and better. 

Bookmarks can be used by editors to streamline their work and quickly see and access what they are working on. For example, imagine your editors are working on a blogpost and have assets in different folders and locations. Your editors can now bookmark all these different assets and have them organized and on display on the administrator interface bookmark view for a quick re-use.

As you don't always know when editors will need your bookmarks, bookmarks can also be accessed through the universal discovery widget, to be used "on the fly".  At any time when they work within content, editors can now rely on their bookmarks, be it for embedding content in the online editor, adding a new relation with a content item or placing a media asset on a landing page.

We have no doubt that this feature will allow your editorial teams to be more efficient and save time as they deal with multiple content items. There will be many more exciting features in the upcoming release that we look forward to unveiling next Friday. In the meantime, if you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, on discuss.ezplatform.com or productmanagement@ez.no.

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