eZ has an established track record of serving a wide variety of industries. It may not be well known but one of the primary verticals we support is financial services organizations—banks, investment services firms and insurance providers. Since eZ Publish was first introduced over 15 years ago, many financial companies have used the platform to create, deliver and optimize their content.

But why is eZ’s software such a good fit for finance companies? We’ve received plenty of customer feedback over the years and in the end certain aspects of our platform really stand out. Here are 8 ways eZ Publish and our new content platform eZ Enterprise help financial services companies increase efficiency and transform content into business growth.

1. eZ provides financial services companies with a highly secure, enterprise grade CMS.

Security is paramount for financial services organizations, and eZ provides a well-managed open source ecosystem backed by a commercial company—the best of both worlds. For over 15 years, we’ve driven the design and development of our platform with contributions from top-notch developers in our open source community, and every step of the way we ensure our software is stable and reliable.

From our dedicated QA team to our systematic use of agile development practices such as automated testing and continuous integration, we provide our clients and partners with heavily vetted software releases and the foundation to apply the same best practices in their own custom development. We also offer regular system audits and professional services specialists who assist clients, ensuring the same level of attention and care goes into your extensions as our core.

Still, security issues might happen and we have a strict process in place for dealing with them. When a security issue is detected, we provide our enterprise clients with a fix before any information around the security issue is made public.

2. eZ enables financial services companies to integrate the CMS into their business workflows.

eZ’s CMS provides fully featured, open APIs, making it easy for finance companies to integrate their content platform with various internal and external systems throughout their business workflow, such as e-banking, doc management, authentication and identity management, application management, CRM, marketing automation and other platforms. Finance companies can also integrate third-party applications, platforms and content onto their eZ-powered sites and native apps. For example, many financial organizations deliver their users streams of content from publishers such as Bloomberg and the Associated Press.

3. eZ helps financial services companies repurpose and repackage their content.

eZ’s content engine provides finance companies with a versatile mechanism to reuse information. Across channels and contexts, banks, investment services providers and insurance companies can easily repurpose content such as articles, images and videos for new campaigns, microsites and other initiatives, all while maintaining brand consistency. For example, an investment services firm can manage content about a mutual fund in one location and reuse it in various contexts such as a webpage about the fund, on a microsite, in an app and so on.

4. eZ allows financial services companies to provide an excellent mobile experience.

In our highly mobile world, users demand access to information regardless of their location or device and with eZ, finance companies can reach their users everywhere, no matter the platform. We provide responsive templates out-of-the-box in the CMS, making it easy to deliver financial tools and content to mobile users. For example, if your organization has an interactive financial calculator for mortgage payments, eZ provides responsive templates so your users can access the tool while they are on the go. 

Many finance companies are tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) and eZ provides a solid foundation for experimenting with connected devices such as digital kiosks and in-venue digital signage. A decoupled CMS, eZ can be used as a traditional CMS or a headless CMS, so content can easily be routed to any connected device via our APIs.  

In addition, modern banking is starting to become quite app-centric and because eZ is a decoupled CMS, it can be used to manage and deliver content to mobile apps. eZ provides a flexible platform that banks can tap into for mobile app development, let alone their websites.

mobile banking vs brick and mortar

Banks are going mobile and it's paying off big for their bottom lines. A study by consulting firm Deloitte states that “mobile banking will surpass online banking as the most widely used banking channel by 2020—if not sooner.”  This is a win-win situation for both the bank and its customers. By reducing the amount of brick and mortar branches, banks are able to decrease their operating costs and in turn charge less fees, and consumers can do their banking conveniently.  Source: Tower Group, Deloitte

5. eZ helps financial services companies facilitate collaboration within the organization.

eZ’s CMS supports collaboration across teams by providing organizations with out-of-the-box workflows for content review and approval, and the flexibility to create custom workflows to meet their needs. In addition, our granular rights and permissions system ensures each user is assigned the proper access to content and sections on the site. Financial services organizations often deal with sensitive information and while rights and permissions may not be the most talked about feature in a CMS, it’s certainly a business critical component for finance companies and one that eZ prioritizes heavily.

ez studio lets editors take control

The Flex Workflow in eZ Enterprise makes it simple for editors and marketers to collaborate with colleagues across teams. 

6. eZ makes it easy for financial services companies to deliver localized content.

With eZ, finance companies can manage their content in as many languages as they want, all in a single platform. Our CMS keeps content centrally organized so businesses can work efficiently on translations, and customize workflows with translation agencies and freelancers. Our CMS also generates translated URLs for every page, and an editor can always manually adjust them, based on their SEO strategy. If you are a bank with international customers, eZ makes it simple to provide localized information to regional markets, and we give you full control over your content.

7. eZ helps financial services companies provide marketing agility.

The editorial user experience is critical for us, and finance companies are keen on increasing business efficiency. eZ allows editors and marketers to respond quickly to new market conditions, breaking news and events without burdening IT. Our CMS puts editors in the driver’s seat, allowing them to build and manage landing pages, maintain blogs, publish articles and schedule content easily.  

8. eZ enables financial services companies to provide personalization for users.

For a financial institution offering many types of products, personalization is a critical requirement for converting and upselling customers online. eZ’s content repository allows finance companies to customize their content model and draws powerful connections between pieces of content. With structured content, an organization has the capability to serve users additional content related to a given topic or by a particular author, for example.

eZ also offers eZ Personalization, a cloud-based service  that delivers users relevant content via on-site recommendations, newsletters and search results based on their browsing history. A user looking for a particular insurance product may be recommended similar offerings related to what they are currently viewing, or a customer with interest in retirement planning may be recommended relevant products and services.

vanguard information acrchitecture

The American investment management company Vanguard has many different kinds of mutual funds in their product catalog, and users can easily filter this table to suite their needs. Organizing information for customers in this manner requires a solid information architecture. Finance companies should look for a modern CMS with a flexible content repository.

Do you work for a financial services organization? What do you look for in a CMS? We'd like to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment. And if you are interested in exploring our CMS, please contact us for more information. 

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