Written by Roland Benedetti

I'm really looking forward to October this year. For one the quarterly eZ Publish Innovation Advisory Board is meeting in New York City, the place I call home now. I am delighted the board is coming to us New-Yorkers finally! For another, who doesn’t love fall in Central Park?

For those who don't know about the eZ Publish Innovation Advisory Board (PIAB for short), please see here. In short it is a small group of users working together, helping us to define and build eZ's product future.

For the first time the board has decided to host a ½ day seminar the day before the private board meeting itself, the seminar is open to all. The idea of the seminar is to share experiences in an open forum, discussing and sharing together how eZ’s technology can help any business going digital today. This event is not a promotional event, it is more of a public event driven by the user group themselves, the main purpose is to share feedback and experiences. 

Please register if you want to participate :

If you ask me, here are 3 very good reasons to attend if you are in and around NYC on October 16th:

What a panel! They got it right when it comes to Digital and we surely can learn from them.

In 3 talks we will hear from 3 major players in their fields about how eZ Publish was used to successfully go digital.

  • The American Museum of Natural History, one of the top museums of New York City; one of the largest and most celebrated in the world, which I discovered to be much more than the cultural institution we all know it to be but a very serious Content organization.
  • The Financial Times, a major business and economic News company that has paved the way for the whole News and Publishing industry when it come to best practices for monetizing content online.
  • Madsack, a leading German Media company running a network of regional newspapers that anticipated, well in advance, of the coming digital disruption in the News industry, they’ve embraced it successfully, becoming one of leading media companies in Germany today.

This is not b%!@?! marketing.

Yes, truly, I am usually the first to complain when our marketing at eZ is too shy or not good enough but for such an event, to be honest, the last thing I want is for this to be marketing driven and focused on us. As a user I don't like events led by vendors and having them monopolizing the slots with product evangelists or other industry “subject matter experts”! Well there will be nothing about that on October 16th. This event will be three use cases told by users, for other users to open further discussions with the attendees, without eZ really interfering more than anyone else in the presentations and discussions - period!

It's all about people, and these are really sharp people!

And yes, at the end of the day, we all know it is not so much about features and technology but about what you want to do with the technology and how you want to do it!! Good technology is a mandatory ingredient but nothing replaces good sound strategy, tactics and execution - you'll go nowhere without these. In that respect, we vendors, consultants, experts, developers all think we have a strong take on that, but nothing can beat the real feedback of smart leaders who figured out the digital recipe, getting it right, and executing on it from A to Z. That is what you will hear at this event!

In closing my last reason …(okay I had 4 reasons)... ...would be that there are very few things nicer than a walk in Central Park on an early mid-October morning (or afternoon) and this event will provide you with that opportunity!

If you are interested you should rush to the events page and register, there is a limited number of seats open at this time!



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