Written by Aleksander Farstad, CEO, eZ Systems

At eZ we have spent the start of the new year reflecting on the key drivers in Content Management, Customer Experience and Digital Marketing. We believe that 2014 will be the year where content means business.

Organizations come to eZ with business challenges. The media actors need to generate more revenue from their content as well as streamline their operations and processes. Retailers want to create more engaging and personalized customer journeys to increase conversion and retention via online e-commerce. Global organizations needs to efficiently roll-out multi-lingual and actionable marketing content in several markets, simultaneously.

Content has always been around, but we think it never got the attention it deserved. Neither from the makers of the software and systems, nor the analysts, thinkers and opinion makers of our industry. We heard a lot, in the past years, about different trends like social, mobile…. All great, but none of these would mean anything without good content. We all will need to embrace Agile/Real-time Marketing, and continue to develop our Content strategies.

Great digital marketing, online customer experience and content management have that in common. They all feed upon content. Without content, or with poor content, or the wrong content you will not get the results you want. So what are the characteristics of great content?

Here is our top list, content needs to be:

  • Easily produced
  • Produced collaboratively
  • Produced from any source
  • Delivered to any channel
  • Personalized
  • Relevant to your target segment(s)
  • Measurable (its effects)
  • Actionable (directly connecting content to conversion)

And it's not only about having remarkable content but also about using it in a remarkable way. "Actionable" is the key term here, where content gets a purpose: when actionable, it becomes the raw material of revenue generation. Pay-walls, content subscriptions, e-commerce, on-site lead generation, sharing of the content are ways to convert content to business.Content needs to mean business. This sets the requirements for both the systems and the people using them. We at eZ will strive, in 2014,  to put Content on the agenda, making Content our hero and the driver for your digital success. Our new slogan "Where Content Means Business", is what eZ is about as we enter into 2014.

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