eZ Publish Enterprise 4.7

We are excited to share a sneak preview of the upcoming eZ Publish Enterprise 4.7 ‘Etna’ release. You will see that our new platform capabilities are designed to continuously optimize your digital channels and enable you to create a richer Customer Experience.

Customer experience optimization is crucial in today's connected world as the end-user is evermore empowered to choose where and how they spend their time online. Both positive and negative experiences are rapidly shared amongst users today and this influences commercial success.                                 

By design eZ Publish continues to evolve from a strong Web Content Management solution to a complete Customer Experience Management platform. This is achieved by both steady improvements to the core content management offering and from the careful selection of integrated applications and extensions from our partner ecosystem that combine to create the tools needed today to stay ahead of the race.

Version 4.7 sees further improvements to several eZ Publish solutions in the areas of Search, Recommendation, Analytics, Mobile Delivery, Productivity and Collaboration to create the market's leading Enterprise Open Source Customer Experience Management solution.

Key Highlights:

eZ Publish Cloud Edition:

Together with our Finnish partners Ixonos we are delighted to announce the eZ Publish Cloud Edition, which combines superior Enterprise Open Source Customer & Web Experience Management with best-in-class cloud application services based on the Red Hat Enterprise stack.

Integrated eZ odoscope - Smart Site Analytics:

Continuous evaluation and improvement of your web environment across all channels is key to long-term success in today's complex multi-device world. By integrating eZ odoscope: Smart Site Analytics into the back office eZ now helps content creators and managers to increase efficiency in visitor conversion and improve content engagement levels by coupling visualised performance measurement directly with the content management interface.

eZ LiveViewer – live content performance and trending:

eZ Live Viewer is a certified eZ Market extension (http://ez.no/Products/eZ-Market) that enables the editorial team to visualise, via an attractive and easy to use info-graphic dashboard, the trending and popularity of articles and other content in real-time across a single site or network. Content managers can enter straight into editing mode from the application to adjust placement on site where needed in order to boost performance and extend story life. It also enables display on large screen format for an attractive public demonstration of the site’s trends and vitality.

A/B and Multivariate Testing enables automated design optimization:

Instead of making educated guesses on visitor preferences, eZ now offers automated layout and design optimization with advanced multivariate testing.

Enhanced productivity solutions:

In order to improve control and accelerate time to market version 4.7 offers enhanced auto-save, service dashboard, flexible content staging and delivery and team room functionality.

eZ App Factory - mobile apps in a click:

eZ now extends its capabilities in mobile content delivery by providing Enterprise subscribers with the eZ App Factory to enable the industrialization of mobile and tablet applications via a WYSIWYG interface. Apps are built in just a few hours, re-using a clients’ branding and design elements from their main websites and connecting with their multi-media eZ Publish content repository to instantly re-purpose content to iPhone, iPad and Android applications. In addition the extension manages the interface with the App Stores and Android Market.

eZ Publish on mobile – adaptive technology:

eZ Publish 4.7 has an enhanced and improved adaptive technology solution for publishing content to mobile devices. Automatic rendering of content to small screens ensures that the reading experience on smartphones and tablets is optimised.

eZ Exceed – a new generation of User Experience:

eZ Exceed, developed by Keyteq, one of the most experienced Scandinavian User Experience agencies, is a solution to enhance the editorial creation and workflow experience. It provides an innovative way of working with content with a new front end editing capability.

eZ Multitasking One - efficiency in executing daily tasks:

eZ Multitasking One helps editors and content managers with their daily operations. A simpler navigation, bulk operations and drag and drop moves allow content managers to boost their efficiency dramatically. The possibility of editing and working on multiple articles or content items at any given time revolutionizes the way eZ Publish Enterprise clients can operate freeing up operators to concentrate on the quality of content creation which is their core business.

eZ Way 2 Magento - seamless e-commerce integration:

Keep your e-commerce team on Magento and let your audience buy directly from your multichannel CMS eZ Publish Enterprise.

eZ Publish content geo-location:

Geo-location of content delivery is a growing customer expectation. eZ Publish provides smart solutions to link content to location so that users can be provided with optimised content to provide relevance and visitor satisfaction.

In addition to the above brand new demo content is also now available with the new Enterprise edition suite showing users Best Practice solutions to their website development and design.