The eZ Publish Platform

eZ Publish is used by thousands of organizations today not only as an intuitive and simple Web Content Management tool but also as a powerful digital management solution at the center of an enterprise’s digital architecture. eZ Publish enables even the most complex integrated communication and digital information exchanges across multiple processes and systems. 

The eZ Publish Platform can be used to build and run a wide range of websites and applications:

News & Media site

High traffic and big content sites, either for traditional media, new digital media or heavy inbound content marketing.

Online Portals 

Enterprise portal implementation of all kinds providing access to content, information, services and applications, to either consumer, employee, citizen or partner portals.

Intranet Applications 

Highly secure and controlled access to internal information and assets for employees.

Collaboration & Social Sites

 Apps and Websites that bring visitors together to help share, collaborate and discuss.

Brand & Corporate Presence

 Customer facing marketing websites that promote or represent a brand, solutions and/or products.


 e-Commerce & e-Business front-end to drive digital business from product discovery to product delivery.

To cover this wide range of solutions, the eZ Publish Platform offer a diverse set of features in the following domains

Development approach

eZ covers the whole life cycle of your digital solutions: Create - Deliver - Optimize.

All features of the eZ Publish Platform have been designed with the goal to implement and iterate on this recipe:


...Content for Your Digital Business Platform

The eZ Publish Platform provides powerful tools for editors, marketers and all sort of information worker to create, automate and collaborate on content. From very simple and unstructured to highly structured content with rich metadata and media, eZ Publish enables even your non- technical contributors to manage complex content and to collaborate with co-workers to get tasks done quickly.  


...the Right Content, at the Right Time, to the Right Person, on the Right Channel

Being able to distribute your content across all devices and channels is key to success. eZ Publish relies on a powerful presentation engine that provides the power to display across a multiplicity of websites and page renderings. APIs integrates directly and simply your content with any Web-enabled application on any device, including the iPad, iPhone or Android. Channels like kiosks, smart TV or other more sophisticated integration are supported including traditional print delivery. Right and permission management is a native feature that enables all kind of business model such as pay per download, subscription based delivery, ads-driven or others. 


...Digital Experiences, Strategies and Conversion

Optimizing content in context means serving audiences with the right content at the right time and in the right format. The platform offers an entire set of capabilities including search, analytics, personalized recommendations, automated online marketing and integrated multivariate & A/B testing functionality. You can analyze the user behaviors, adapt and provide contextual experience in order to optimize experiences and increase conversion.

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