The eZ Publish Platform

eZ Publish is used by thousands of organizations in every industry today. And not only as an intuitive and simple open source Content Management System (CMS), but also as a powerful digital management solution at the center of your enterprise’s digital architecture. eZ Publish enables even the most complex integrated communication and digital information exchanges across multiple processes and systems. 

Use cases

The eZ Publish Platform can be used to build and run a wide range of websites and applications:

News & Media site

High traffic and big content sites, either for traditional media, new digital media or heavy inbound content marketing.

Online Portals 

Enterprise portal implementation of all kinds providing access to content, information, services and applications, to either consumer, employee, citizen or partner portals.

Intranet Applications 

Highly secure and controlled access to internal information and assets for employees.

Collaboration & Social Sites

 Apps and Websites that bring visitors together to help share, collaborate and discuss.

Brand & Corporate Presence

 Customer facing marketing websites that promote or represent a brand, solutions and/or products.


 e-Commerce & e-Business front-end to drive digital business from product discovery to product delivery.


Many good reasons to consider eZ Publish Platform

 Content Capabilities

  • A flexible content repository that adapts to any information architecture & any business needs. Business first! 
  • Create once, publish everywhere. Ready for Content Hubs, Content-as-a-Service & the Internet of Things.
  • Any content, across any channel, on any device

Open & Open Source

  • An integrated, yet open platform efficiently combining all ingredients of a successful digital customer experience. 
  • The best of both worlds: Open Source software and Enterprise-grade services. 
  • Open Source codebase providing a faster innovation with contributions from the entire eZ ecosystem and the unique ability to extend or customize in order to your specific business needs.

Beautifully engineered

  • Standard Web framework (Symfony2) insuring resource availability.
  • Time to market & maintainability.
  • Full-featured Rest & Public APIs. Best in class at interoperability.
  • Comfortable for developers and designers to build on, customize and extend.

How it works

Get a 5 minute video tour of a few features of the platform:

Solution architecture:

or read more about features: