Personalization & Recommendation

Improve user engagement and boost sales with content recommendation and personalization

Personalization & Recommendation

By discerning visitor tastes and how they evolve over time, recommendations facilitate discovery of new content and increase visitor stickiness, engagement and satisfaction. 

eZ Recommendation Service

The eZ Recommendation Service creates a unique and dynamic experience each time a user visits your website. It turns each visit or shopping experience into a tailored and targeted moment as news, images, videos, products and events are recommended in real time according to the users’ individual consumption, interests and behavior.

Key Values

  • Improve user retention and maximize upsell
  • Increase advertising revenues by increasing page traffic
  • Promote cross-selling based on an individual’s online behavior
  • Lower the costs for service and support with content served on the basis of predictions of needs and interests

Key Features

  • Provide personalized recommendations depending on viewing context and usage situation
  • Deliver the best results according to your recommendation strategy, with the ability to use different campaigns with multiple fall-back recommendations
  • Optimize recommendation results using multiple filters
  • Report statistics on usage and conversion rate

Watch eZ Recommendation Service in action

eZ Recommendation is supported by a strategic investment from eZ Systems in YooChoose.