Interview of Zwebb - eZ and the Swedish market

eZ has been more and more present in Sweden during the last months. This market, so close to eZ Systems original country, welcomes now very well the value proposition of eZ combining Open Source technology and the presence of a vendor. We wanted to ask someone who has been in the Swedish market for a long time, about his view concerning this positive recent evolution. Zwebb is a Business Partner of eZ in Stockhom and has been using eZ Publish for many years. Below, the interview of Zwebb's CEO : Zoran Marinkovic.

Could you present ZWEBB in few words?

A competitive bi-national web agency that uses IKEA business model. We have highly skilled and cost effective development team located in Serbia and very good customer network here in Sweden, including our clients from Holland and Belgium.

How long have you been using eZ Publish?

For 5 years now, every day! (smile)

Could you tell us about the Swedish market in terms of Content Management?

The commercial CMS systems still dominate, mostly because of the fact that major customers do not
have enough information about the possibilities of an Open Source based solution. Those proprietary vendors with high license fees are starting struggling though and the situation is changing.

Can you tell us of the latest evolution of eZ in Sweden from an integrator perspective?

We get more and more questions about eZ Publish every week, and that’s a good sign I think. There is a significant number of companies that already work with, or are ready to try to develop and sell eZ Publish based web platforms. Just a couple of years ago you could count them on one hand. The fact is that eZ is more present in Sweden nowadays and I wouldn't be surprised if a new Swedish office would open soon.

Why do you think eZ is getting more traction now in Sweden?

As you know, word of mouth advertisement is unbeatable. You can hardly find a better tool once you start working with it and the value for money is really high. That’s what’s actually happening here and I believe those are the reasons.

What do you like most about eZ Publish?

Stability, unique business model... Well, actually, I think I like the whole thing (smile)