Central America leading English language newspaper chooses eZ Publish

eZ, an Open Source web content management solution vendor, announces a new strategic agreement with the Tico Times which is also the winner of the October Site of the Month. The Times is Central America’s leading English language newspaper, and its website attracts more than 200,000 monthly visits.

Tico Times pioneers ‘Freemium’ newspaper solution in Central America

For the “freemium” system, Aplyca created a subscription and paid content extension that permits readers to purchase credits using a credit card and spend the credits to access premium content. The new site also features an easy-to-use classified section based on the light version of the eZ Publish classified solution developed by Aplyca.

When Central America’s award-winning English-language newspaper wanted a redesigned website that enhanced revenue without sacrificing content and user ease, Aplyca delivered a pioneering enterprise solution.

Reaffirming its leadership in web-based news delivery in Costa Rica, The Tico Times

 worked with Aplyca to create a journalism model that provides selected content for free while charging affordable rates for premium articles, special reports and products.


Technology behind the solution


Aplyca used a combination of tools based on 

eZ Publish Enterprise as an enterprise content management system which was customized, expanded and integrated with the newspaper's internal accounting system.The Tico Times uses Aplyca's Paid Content Solution for eZ publish and released Tico Credits as a way for customers to keep their balance and purchase content as it is being published. Users can also subscribe for complete access to content, including more than 20.000 articles in the archive. A simplified version of Aplyca's Classified System solution was used to support the publishing and billing activities. 

Among the Aplyca innovations:

  • Micro-payment system implemented for Tico Credits
  • Content management system supports a complete editorial process
  • E-commerce functionality integrated
  • Integrated classified advertising
  • High-traffic capability
  • Audio, video and social media interactivity