The Open Source CMS Platform Part 1: Still the Core of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is a crowded place. You have solutions focusing on all angles, ranging from social media to e-mail and analytics. Over the years many new acronyms and buzzwords have been introduced since I've started in the industry 15 years ago, but the more it changes the more it has stayed the same.

Success in digital marketing always boils down to good content and continues to be the core of any successful digital marketing strategy. However, digital marketing needs to be connected to conversions and business goals to become a strategy.

Is Content Still King?

I get asked the question again and again. Is content still king? But no matter how you look at it, content is still extremely important today and needs to be managed. The core of a digital marketing platform needs to be a system that manages the content, which is the definition of a CMS. However, overtime we have seen the requirements change in what customers are looking for in a content management systems.

At first it was simply used to publish text and perhaps an image to a website, but those days are long gone. Content now needs to be targeted, translated and re-used in a number of new channels while being measured and optimized.

Currently a CMS Platform implies that you are able to do the following:

  • Custom defined content and semantic relationships between content
  • Content re-used in different channels
  • Strong and open APIs for doing integrations, Apps etc.
  • Development framework - as the CMS Platform needs to act as a middleware
  • Workflows and translations to manage and optimize content over time
  • Analytics and measurements to have insights for continuous decision support

Websites are universal landmarks for users, now more than ever

The age of the website is still far from over. Website are still where users go when interacting on any channel and will continue to be the convergence and focal point for many years to come. Those who thought social networks or mobile applications would take over for websites were wrong. Hence the importance to rely on what we can call a "content management platform", and not simply a content repository or database.

All digital marketing activities outside the CMS can mostly be seen pointing back to a CMS Including:

  • Newsletters still links to websites
  • Social Media often link to websites
  • Mobile Apps use content from websites
  • Advertising - pointing to website
  • SEO optimization for website visibility 
  • Print advertising still exists and includes website URL's or QR codes in the copy
  • In-Store display also includes website URL's or QR codes
  • Kiosks are often powered by the website content itself and also contains links back to the website

Since so many marketing channels encourage their customers to visit website's, I cannot forsee the death of the website or content management systems anytime soon. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 'The Open Source CMS Platform: Still the Core of Digital Marketing' next week.

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